A Psychic Medium Better Than John Edward?

William Constantine is a Psychic Medium and according to his fans and clients who tout him as being the best psychic medium in the world today — in fact, many who have seen him in action or received a reading state that he is “even better than celebrity psychic medium John Edward“. As a psychic medium he serves as a Spirit Messenger — a postman for heaven — delivering evidential spirit messages of hope, love, healing, and closure. He has gained a reputation for mediumship readings that are highly accurate and detailed — messages from spirit that nobody else could have known. A notable TV psychic and paranormal psychic he has appeared on and filmed for; Travel Channel’s Most Terrifying Places in AmericaNancy Grace, Fox Business News, Sirius Satellite, NBC, ABC, and more!

Though Constantine is being touted as being “better than John Edward” he owes a lot to John Edward.

John Edward opened the industry up to wider audiences and seeing a psychic on TV was a huge hit. If it wasn’t for John Edward, James Van Praagh, or Sylvia Browne bringing this field into the open there would be countless people struggling with their grief and that foreboding sense of loss that death brings and leaves in its wake. I am thankful to the psychics that have come before me and I don’t consider myself better than John Edward or anyone else for that matter — I think that I’m a different reader and because of that it yields different results. When people tell me that they think I’m better than John Edward or another famous medium — I smile and say thanks.”

Constantine states, “It’s not about me, but rather, how I can help my clients journey through grief easier. The connection and messages from spirit that relay offer the guidance, closure, and healing that they seek — I am merely the messenger.”

While his Ego remains in check this Spirit Messenger is internationally known and boasts a list of clients from all walks of life; celebrities, athletes, lawyers, doctors, and regular everyday hardworking Americans — even some psychics too.

His writings have appeared in the pages of The Atlantic Paranormal Society’s magazine — “TAPS PARAMAGAZINE” — and currently you can find this paranormal psychics writing in “Ghost Voices Magazine” where he answers the readers questions about the paranormal.

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