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"You already have the power to BE everything you want to BE ... You just haven't allowed yourself to experience it yet!"

- William Constantine

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Welcome to the Official Website of Psychic Medium William Constantine

William has been helping people for over a decade working as a psychic medium, intuitive, life coach, spiritual teacher, and luminary. As with all psychic mediums, William’s gifts connect him to the “other side” or “spirit world”. He has spent a great deal of time learning to master these gifts by “training” with other psychic mediums, angels, ascended masters, “Earth” and “Light Bound” spirits.

His psychic mediumship skills provide him an uncanny ability to communicate with the “Other Side”. During William’s psychic medium sessions he provides; names, dates, places, physical descriptions, personalities, as well as other evidential insights of Spirit, offering proof of “Life after Death” and the existence of the “Spirit World”.

These deep connections with the spirit world provide William with profound insights which have guided him to teach and share his gifts with others.

William is a spiritual teacher and life coach, sharing amazing lessons and messages with his clients from their loved ones and spirit guides on the other side. William offers his psychic mediumship and psychic counseling skills with kindness, compassion, and unwavering belief in our inter-connectivity and unlimited potential as spiritual beings having a human experience. He has unwavering gratitude for his life’s purpose of being a psychic medium and helping connect loved ones together.

William is also available as a public speaker offering lectures on the the topics of Psychic Mediums/Mediumship, Psychic Counseling, Spiritual Counseling and other related topics. His frank, to the point representation of psychic mediumship issues provides attendees with insights into the spirit/metaphysical intuitive worlds. William’s goal is to empower his audience to recognize their personal spiritual potential and to be present in their own divinity within the universe. He provides his audience with an alternative way of perceiving death as not the end of life but a transformation back to our timeless self. During his lectures he uses his work as a psychic medium to help provide the “proof” people need to let go of their doubts and truly believe that our spirits are infinite.

William Constantine regularly presents at metaphysical expos, holistic expos, public and private events. To book him for a private or group psychic mediumship sessions or to have him speak at your next event please call: (877) 676-2646 or email .

Poised for Greatness: A Reading with a Spiritual Teacher (Aquarius Magazine)

by Sarah Witaker

Do you live like your dreams are reality? Do you consider you are successful right now or are you waiting for success to happen? These were some of the questions put to me by William Constantine, Psychic and Spiritual Teacher. I wasn’t expecting these types of questions, as I sat at my laptop waiting for him to connect to MSN for our web chat reading. I had never had a reading through messenger before, and I wasn’t expecting to learn anything from him, but rather receive snippets of information about who I am and what I am doing at present.

William is a clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient “star child” who is primarily connected to a higher realm, and uses angels, archangels and masters to help him with his readings. His clients see him as spiritual teacher, psychic, and a medium. It became clear in a very short time that I was being given a lesson rather than simply connecting with passed loved-ones.

I believe that our life has a purpose that we are naturally drawn to and yearn for. Recently, due to work stress and moving my business from London to the US, I was worried that I had become obsessive with my work and subsequently started questioning whether I was still on path or just “hanging on” to certain projects, refusing to let go! William reaffirmed that I am on track and “that I am supposed to be where I am” and that because of the stress I was creating, I had “in essence, blocked that which you desire.” That hadn’t occurred to me before. I am aware that my thoughts or beliefs directly impact what I have in my life and what I think I am capable of achieving. I even use belief analysis in my own Image work to show clients how they unconsciously alter their reflection by what they believe about themselves. But I didn’t realize that my stress was acting as a barrier.
As the reading progressed, I realized that there were many unconscious thoughts that I wasn’t even aware I was having, until William brought them to light. “Stop second guessing things, least of all yourself. You are a divine being made in the love and light of the creator – a being of unlimited potential!” I noticed my first reaction was to say “yes, but…” That is when it hit me that there were some doubts lurking around, yet I am typically optimistic. “You are surrounding yourself with negative thought, and you have all the tools needed to change that. Your frustration is in not changing. Now is your chance to change and reclaim the life that you are destined to live. Instead, believe ‘I am destined for greatness’. Remember that you are a Divine Being filled with the love and light of our creator.”
(Gulp) Greatness?!?!

Here I was thinking I was “positive” and really going for it. I was saying the words out-loud but deep inside me a different track was playing. Everyone has their own relationship with God/the Divine, and with themselves. One of my beliefs is that we are beings of light or the god-consciousness. And William seemed to know exactly how to relate to me and what to say to get through to me, using words that made sense to me. His words had a different energy to them than what I have heard recently, as if they were spoken with some added power as I was meant to hear them.
Every word has a sound or vibration to it, and has meaning, recognition or reference attached to it. Although some of William’s information I had heard before, it had added force that allowed me to really hear what he was saying and recognise something for me. A true teacher has a gift to communicate and be heard by others and to hear one’s own personal message in their teachings.

A few days after our reading, I had a big corporate presentation scheduled. I hate standing in front of people to speak; it makes me incredibly nervous. I remembered William’s words “you have to conquer negative thought with a positive affirmation; by changing the way we think we change the outcome.” I realised that it wasn’t just my thoughts he was referring to, but also my deep-seeded beliefs, my base programming that caused me to react and so every time I felt nervous about presenting, I created a new thought or belief about what was happening and going to happen. Instead I told myself that I was relaxed and calm, and that it would be easy and everyone would get value from it. This had an immediate effect; my nerves became more settled, and the presentation was a success.

I guess all of us get stuck at some point, without even realising it. “Most people are stuck in their own lives that they are scared to surrender to new concepts which are really old concepts,” he reminded me. To unglue yourself from your own beliefs and see the wood for the trees, can be tough but it is necessary if you want things to move in your life. Blockages in the flow of life are a result of personal sabotage. I often find I am almost holding my breath, anticipating what is to come. William’s response to that was “you need to trust in the Universe and know that you will go where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there.”

William has been doing readings for 10 years and is regularly featured on radio and in the media. To receive your life lessons through a reading with William, contact him at his website