William is honored by those who have offered to go on record and give a testimonial. If you have witnessed William’s ability and would like to write a testimonial please send it to William.

“William Constantine … This guy! I can’t wait to see him all over TV! He is the real deal. The bee’s knees! The cat’s meow! … and boy oh boy, does he have Spirit!”

Krista Allen, Actress, Spokeswoman, Entrepreneur, Model and Comedian

“William’s actions speak louder than his words. In a world where few do as they say and say as they do – Mr. Constantine is a cut above the rest.”

Dr. Greg S Reid, Best Selling Author, Speaker & Founder of The Secret Knock

“I had never met or spoken to William before our telephone appointment. Within two minutes of speaking, he identified something very personal and unique, something no one could have possibly known. I’ve been to Psychic Mediums before, but no one has been as specific and accurate as William. And for that, I am eternally grateful.”

TD , Former Discovery Channel Executive

“Having over 30 years, in the Law Enforcement Industry, when we are handling missing persons, cold cases, ransom and extortion cases and the like; consulting with a talent like William Constantine has helped develop leads and answers needed to provide justice and closure.

Having him as a part of the Baron Investigative Group team is invaluable and a tremendous asset to us and our clients.

Craig Dierlam, Lead Private Investigator & CEO Baron Investigative Group

“William Constantine is amazing and no one comes close to him in ability.”

Cheri Lucas, Dog Behaviorist & Media Personality

“Friends… I had an amazing experience today. I went to a Psychic Medium. He is the real deal. He knows nothing of my family but my parents showed up today to talk to me through him. Things he couldn’t have possibly known were revealed. I left feeling positive, happy and knowing what path I needed to take on certain areas of my life. He has no control of “who” shows up. But they do.“

Julie Dolan, Actress

“I highly recommend William his gifts are quite amazing. He has even contacted me to let me know when something was going to happen that I needed to know about.”

Carmen Reed, Real Life Mom of “The Haunting in Connecticut”

“I hired William Constantine as an Intuitive Business Coach and within a short period of time he honed into targeted areas and was giving me a strategic plan that when I followed through yielded me signing a multi-million-dollar contract.”

Paul Trowe, Former CEO Replay Games

“William is an outstanding metaphysician with a gift for explaining the extraordinary so that anyone can understand and grasp new ideas. His stories are compelling. If you have the opportunity to bring him in to speak to your group, I assure you, it will be time well spent. William is a joy to work with – kind, caring, and interested in seeing you shine.”

Robin Jay, Award-Winning Movie Producer, Author & Motivational Speaker

William Constantine with Celebrity Friends and More

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He is a leading keynote speaker that has captivated audiences with his compelling stories, advice, and humor at places such as the Learning Annex; Mind, Body Spirit expos, and public and private venues across the United States.

Constantine is a certified;
• Extraordinary Coach
• Life Coach,
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner
• Master Mindfulness Practitioner
• NLP Master Practitioner
• Usui Reiki Master
• Metaphysical Practitioner
• Ultra High Frequency Energy Healing Master
• Muscle Testing Master
• Instant Miracle Coach
• Peace Process Master

He has penned articles for national and international publications. Prior to shifting his focus to Higher Consciousness Life Coaching he consulted for: Law Enforcement and Government Agencies, Jury selection, Families of Murdered or Missing Persons, Animal Behavioral Issues, etc. His work as a Psychic Detective caught Nancy Grace’s attention which led to her featuring Constantine as an expert on her show. Currently, Constantine is an independent consultant for a Baron Investigative Group which has offices in both Indiana and Florida.

He has been voted one of the top psychics in the world, inducted into the Akashic Who’s Who of Psychics and Mediums, and recently included in an encyclopedia titled “The Encyclopedia of The Divine, Spiritual and Occult”. He has become the go-to guy for mainstream celebrities; his life coaching messages have caught the attention of LeAnn Rimes, Andie MacDowell, Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, The Talk and The Today show